Price Out Construction Cleaning Jobs...Plus How to Properly Write A Quote

Price Out Construction Cleaning Jobs and Correctly Type Your Quotes...why this is the key to making money or going to the poorhouse!...and losing your business!

Simple steps to learn how to look at a construction cleaning job to arrive at the correct pricing.

How can I set my pricing? ideas to help you get started with pricing...

Do I just clean everything?

Learn how to type up a quote that will protect you and communicate clearly what you are including in your price...and excluding.

A quote poorly written will have you performing extras and recleans for free...learn how to avoid this and maintain good customer relations.

The construction industry is loaded with unscrupulous contractors...don't get caught because of incorrect wording in your quote.These guys know all the tricks,and so must you to avoid their traps.

What about a multiple clean quote? How I wrote mine that I used all the years I was in business.

Want to look like a pro...learn some simple basic steps that will put you on top...everytime.

Protect yourself and your business with a correctly written quote.

Your pricing is not just a dollar amount it is also a written description of what you are including or excluding.See how I did mine.

This small pdf...written by me is a tiny investment that will steer you in the correct direction.

I was a construction cleaning contractor for most of the 35 plus years I was in business.

I did more projects and made more money than anyone I ever encountered in the business.Truth not hype.

I put together this short report that shows the simple steps I took each and everytime I priced out a job.

I survived unscrupulous contractors...all with proper and careful wording in my quotes.

I have included a sample quote (which is the written scope of work) with pricing attached to it in this report that you can alter to fit your job.

Poor schedulers can cost you your profits...learn how to avoid this pitfall!

I kept on my budget...and made money...lots of it

I also learned what questions to ask...and what questions you must ask to arrive at a fair pricing structure.

What questions you fail to ask will cost YOU MONEY...not the contractor...YOU! : (

Save yourself some very expensive and costly headaches.Including the loss of your business.

For a few dollars you can get your hands on this report that will not only teach you how to go about pricing,but when you have decided on a price,how you can make sure that you perform

only those items that you priced out!

Plus...because of your well written will set yourself up to get paid for extras!

Yes...the sweet smell of success!

  1. Learn to Price out Jobs.What things to consider.
  2. Learn to Write Quotes Correctly
    1. Learn What To Put In Your Quotes and What To Avoid
    2. Learn What Questions To Ask Before You Give A Price and Why
    3. Learn How To Structure Your Quotes For Multiple Cleans
    4. When Do You Charge By The Square Foot and When You Don't
  3. More than half of all startup cleaning companies will fail...and it almost always has something to do with money.
  4. You do not have to be a losing statistic
  5. For a few dollars you can gain valuable knowledge from my nearly 35 years of experience in the construction cleaning business.

I cannot tell you what you should charge by the square foot.Research of your area is information that you have to bring to the table.This report reveals those items that you must consider to arrive at your final cost(s).

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