Construction Cleaning-High Rise Window Cleaning Consulting Service

Construction Cleaning-High Rise Window Cleaning Consulting Service

Let me guess

You can't get past the secretary?

They ask you for your license and your insurance,but then they won't take your calls.

When you do get a chance to give them a quote they either hand you a set of blueprints you can't read or you think you need to charge by the square foot and you haven't got a clue how much that should be.

I was in the construction cleaning/high rise window cleaning business for 35 + years


Get your questions answered and get headed in the right direction immediately!

Stop struggling and wasting time trying to figure it out the hard way.Time is money and you need to get in to see the right hiring individual today,before it's too late...and the job gets contracted to someone else.

I will teach you tricks of the trade for getting in to see anyone you want.

I will tell you how to structure your quotes so you make more money and get paid for your extras and all without a fight.

I can help you protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors!

Sessions are booked in 30 minute increments

Provide me with your email and phone number so that we can connect.

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