Charging by the Square Foot Answered Now!

The Missing Piece

The information here will be short and concise,and factual insider information by a 35- year veteran construction cleaning professional.That would be me. About why you charge by the square foot and most importantly when you should and when you shouldn’t.What goes into the decision.

I'll get right to the point in this letter.

What types of jobs did I charge by the square foot?how much did I charge by the square foot?

How many times have you been asked what your square foot price is?

What did you say? what was the outcome?any problems with that?

If you want the answer to the question that you've been dying to know, it's in here.

You will receive a quick education on where to start with square foot pricing and why.

This is the question that I struggled with myself, and trust me no one will answer you truthfully if they think you are anywhere close to their service area.

If you are going to be in the construction cleaning business you can't afford not to have this information.It's more than worth the few dollars I charge for you to receive it.

How many of your secrets would you even consider giving to a competitor and at any price?

I was second guessing my decision when I typed this up and to be quite honest I may not leave it up, not for long anyways.

Get it while you can...


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